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+After 20 years, using our regenerative medical technology,our team will be able to
realise young, fresh,youthful 200years old beauties (only ladies).
At present, we can not realize this project. Because,It takes huge costs.
The problem is only the cost.

+Now, there are two typical impressions of anti-aging:
+ One of the typical impressions is that of beautiful anti-aging celebrities;
They try to challenge to keep 20s, 30s fresh and youthful beauty, until 50s, 60s.
They invest a big cost for this passionate desire.

+In addition, they try to challenge to keep the fresh sensitivity and creativity.
Their challenges are full of passion to express their genetic superiority of
beauty and sensibility & creativity.
They are rich in sensibility and creativity.

+A group of doctors say “successful aging” is more suitable than “anti-aging”.
But it is a defeatism.We challenge to "the true anti-aging".

+For example, in USA, in Japan, prestigious universities have associations for graduates.
They open big parties for graduates every year.
In such parties by over 60s old year graduates, we can easily observe there are two
separated groups.
One group members are young, dynamic and full of sex appeal.
They look like 40s.
Another group members are old, and also look like as before-disabled people.
There is a huge gap between the two groups.

+Why does such a big gap appear?
The reason is that the successful group know the anti-aging techniques unconsciously.
Such aging-gap become bigger, if high intelligent people know
our anti-aging strategy and operations.

+The true antiaging is “a long and total war” against aging
The true anti-aging strategy is composed of the 3 worlds:
T---Beautiful antiaging
U--- Brain antiaging
V--- Sensual(sexy) antiaging

Without passion for beauty,our anti-aging challenges are impossible.
Without passion for creative brain working,our anti-aging challenges are impossible.
Without passion for sexual feeling,our anti-aging challenges are impossible.
Without passion for sensitivity & creativity,our anti-aging challenges are impossible.

Anti-aging problems;

+Anti-aging depends on under-mentioned problems:
Face and body;
01---Amount of UV exposure.
02---Volume,quality,time and frequency of exciting sexual pleasure by erogenous zones.
03---Volume, quality, time and frequency of orgasms.
04---Quantity and quality of daily foods.
05---Quality of exercise.
06---Quality of life (QOL)
07---Smoker or not
(Body Mass Index, Weight ÷ Height (m) ÷ Height (m)
from 18 to 21 is acceptable for antiaging)
09---Ill or not.
10---Effected by side effects by medicine or not.
11---Effected by side effects by cosmetics or not.

About brain; a---Laziness is the worst enemy of anti-aging.
b---Exciting sense of beauty is rich or not.
c---Exciting sensitivity and creativity are rich or not.
d---Exciting challenging minds are rich or not.
e---Stress of life and business are excess or not.
f---Peaceful minds are enough or not.
g---Assets and flow money are enough or not.

+These factors influence to metabolism, immunity, balance of automatic nervous system
and secretion of physiologically active substance related antiaging.
1---Anti-aging success depends on clients who can control their own life or not.
2---Anti-aging success depends on clients who can control their own business or not.
3---Anti-aging success depends on clients who can control them 24 hours, 365 days or not.
4---Anti-aging success depends on sensual sensitivity and creativity.
The true Anti-aging is “a long time total war” against aging;

+An excellent strategy is required to win the war continuously,.
+Our strategy is composed of one nucleus and 5 fields.
The nucleus is composed of cosmetic surgery and Oriental medicine.
The 5 fields are:
1---Anti-aging medical plants and foods.
2---Anti-aging life-style.
3---Anti-aging working-style.
4---Anti-aging fashion..
5---Anti-aging cosmetics.

+Antiaging medical operation(1) is; We,anti-aging professionals will brew the mutual trusts and understandings
between us and clients.And then, we consult how to recover the sensual(sexy)
sensitivity & creativity of clients.

+Anti-aging medical operation(2) is;
We consult how to control for three functions of prefrontal frontal brain of
front lobe of the cerebrum etc of clients..

+Anti-aging medical operation (3)is;
We develop the various treatments using our high-sensitivity.
For example;
Extensive consulting, herbal medicine,modern medicines,plastic surgery,
transcutaneous sensual stimulated information technic, precise exercise,etc.

+Anti-aging medical operation(4) is;
We confirm the effects.

+Anti-aging medical operation(5) is;
We repeat and develop the treatments.

+These 'Hypothesis & proof' system is an orthodox scientific methodology.

Anti-aging targets and strategy by decades;

+The biggest anti-aging motivation from teenage to 30s is to keep the pleasure of beauty!
+The biggest and true motivation of antiaging from 40s is to keep the pleasure of sex.

16-19 years old teens clients will be able to keep the beauty,fresh and youthful, until the age of 60s,70s easily.
It is our ideal anti-aging. The sooner is the better, anti-aging is!
For teens and 20s, the selection of boy (girl) friend, selection of majoring in school,
selection of jobs are the most important to anti-aging.
Such selections decide client’s anti-aging success.

2---Age of 20s
At the age of 20s, our clients can keep fresh 20s age, until 70s age.
But, there is a very big problem.
It is;
Young girl’s anti-aging always depends on her boyfriend. Almost all boyfriends
do not understand anti-aging.
Young boyfriend’s main love purpose is usually only ejaculation. Sorry!
But it is a real and true reason of their love!
Almost all boyfriends are not anti-aging professionals.

3--- Age of 30s
For some clients, countermeasure of ‘lifestyle diseases’ becomes important.
And excellent life styling and business styling making becomes more important.

4--- Age of 40-50s
Clients have to try to recover 5 sense functions---sense of sight, hearing,
smell, taste, and sense of touch including high quality sexual pleasure.
And we develop nice anti-aging strategy,how to return to 20s age!
It is a “long time total war” against aging.

5--- Age of 60s
Clients have to get success of reactivation of brain.
Challenging entrepreneurship strategy becomes the most important theme.

6--- Age of 70-80s
Clients have to get success of re-reactivation of brain.
Challenging again entrepreneurship strategy becomes the most important

+Clients are diverse. we do not avoid extreme ways for antiaging.
+We have to challenge to various researches and developments to get
high sensitivity & creativity, and to challenge to advanced antiaging fields.

+And also,social atmosphere which accepts our various antiaging challenges will be
one of the most important strategies. Our success depends on this strategy how to make it.

Beautiful anti-aging strategy;

Beautiful antiaging strategy is composed of;
T---Appearance tactics,
U---Body ability tactics,
V---Inner beauty tactics;

About-T Appearance tactics is composed of under-mentioned detail operation fields;
Aura(smell,reflection,unknown transmission ability and fashion sense)
Figure(skelton, muscles and fat)

Body ability tactics is composed of under-mentioned detail operation fields;
Internal secretion
Body efficiency

Inner beauty tactics is composed of under-mentioned detail operation fields;
Beautiful sensibility
Beautiful creativity
Beautiful sensual nerves
Beautiful heart
Beautiful thinkings
Beautiful activities

Brain Anti-aging strategy;

+There are two peaks of brain activities.
The first peak is related simple memory brain function.
The second peak is related creative brain function

Generally speaking in most cases, 17-18 years young girls and boys get the peak of
simple memory brain function, and later, the memory become weak year by year.
And in 20s age, males and females get the peak of creative brain function, and later,
the creative function become weak year by year.

+Our purpose of the brain anti-aging is;
We prescribe to our clients,how to keep,how to recover the two peaks of brain activity.

The strategy;
Brain anti-aging strategy is composed of 3 tactics.
1st tactics is that how to be excited all sensory peripheral nerves.
2nd tactics is that how to rejuvenate simple memory brain function.
3rd tactics is that how to rejuvenate creative brain function by
neuron networks of brain cells.
Sensory peripheral nerves compose sense of sight, hearing,smell, taste, and sense of
touch.Nerves of sense of touch compose the most important erogenous zone systems
(on the acupuncture meridians and points) for anti-aging.

For simple memory function,the best way is to study hard for memorize a lot every day.
One way for memorize a lot is to go to school , for studying fresh subjects,
foreign languages etc.

For creative brain function,one of the best way is to get entrepreneurship.
The important condition is to try to set up a beautiful company.
And try to become the beautiful queen of the company.
A beautiful company has various meanings. The beautiful queen does not only mean
outward beauty. Men are also the same.

+The role of anti-aging professionals;
Anti-aging professionals are consultants for clients in these 3 tactics.
Therefore, anti-aging professional team is composed of medical doctors,
beauty producers,fashion designers,life-style designers,business consultants etc.
And the team and clients will be one challenging cordial union.

The head quarter of anti-aging in our brain;

+Anti-aging headquarter in our body is prefrontal frontal brain of front
lobe of the cerebrum. 1---It is a center of creativity.
2---It is a center of sensual(sexy) sensitivity.
3---And also,it is a center of inhibition.

For anti-aging,and for creative thinkings,and also for example,for constructing
a creative country, it is necessary for us to control the balance of three functions
of our brain.

Erogenous zone function

+The most important anti-aging motivation is the sexy anti-aging.
At the age of 10-12, we could very sensitive to feel erogenous zone function,
and we could enjoy sexual pleasure with our creative devises.
For example, when our groin touched lightly a corner of table, or when we sat down
on a comfortable sofa etc,we could feel the very sensitive sexual pleasure.

1---Sensual informations from erogenous zone is transmitted to prefrontal frontal
brain of front lobe of the cerebrum
2---Sensual stimulation information develop brain cells and the neuron network of
prefrontal frontal brain of front lobe of the cerebrum.
3---Sensual stimulation informations and sexy thinkings develop prefrontal frontal
brain of front lobe of the cerebrum.
4---At the same time, the inhibition function affects strongly.

+In case of young boys and girls who can develop the rich sensitivity and creativity,
and they can control well the balance of 3 functions of prefrontal frontal brain,
they will be able to become great in future.

+In our children days, we, all could feel the gifted functions, but almost all teens can not
enjoy enough and cannot develop the rich sensitivity and creativity.

+ At the age of around 20, we lose rapidly the high sensitive of erogenous zones .
This is the first step of our quick aging.

+Therefore,the most important anti-aging operations at the first stage is how to recover
clients’ high sensitive of erogenous zones( on the acupuncture meridians and points).

Our sex strategy;

+We know high performance,high powered anti-aging medicines.
We cannot buy them at drag stores, clinics or hospitals.
The medicines are produced in brain and inside body.
One of the most important medicines is β-endorphin.
Our secret strategy is related to produce β-endorphin in brain.

+If you contine ordinary sex---that is;sexual intercourse style sex---
you age year by year. And your sensitivity and creativity get poor year by year.
The reasons are;

+Ordinary sex is;
1---The same of animals---it is not creative, poor and miserable animal sex.
2---Short time sex----it is poor sex.
3---There is no creativity in their sex---it is miserable sex.
4---Gifted erogenous zones are limited----it is poor sex.
5---Ordinary sex is often stressful by complicated love affairs,complicated
human relations and life issues.
Such human relations are not creative, and cannot develop the functions
of prefrontal frontal brain of front lobe of the cerebrum.

+Actually, after you enjoy orgasms, after high-quality pleasure of sex, you feel
your face and skin become alluring and beautiful; your body can enjoy good
But after low quality sex, you feel tiredness and you are stressful.
By high-quality pleasure of sex, we can get excellent antiaging effect, and
we can get good conditions of heart and body.

+The duration of sensual pleasure and orgasm are the most important
factor of anti-aging sex.
Because the secretion volume of physiologically active substances per minute
is very small, therefore usually, over 1 hour sex play is required.

+Smoking,drugs,too much drinking are so risky,but anti-aging high quality
sex play is so nice to our body and brain.

+The adverse effects of antiaging sex play are;
Blood circulation trouble(hemostasis,anemia etc),
sleep-deprivation trouble,
STD(sexual transmetted disease)
We have the secret strategy--- How to produce β-endorphin;

Sexy between legs pillow play
+If you create nice sensual relations among your sexy between legs pillow, your erogenous
zone and your prefrontal frontal brain of front lobe of the cerebrum etc
(please go to under-mentioned effects);
the sensual stimulation informations from your erogenous zone are transmitted to brain.
In brain and in your inside body,anti-aging physiologically active substances including
important β-endorphin are produced little by little,gradually over time.
If you can create,or if you can find a nice pillow, you may not need your
stressful sex partner.

We succeeded in developing various sexy between legs pillows.
We researched sexy between legs pillows using chemical and synthetic fibers. But they hurt
skin of erogenous zones between legs.
And at last, we conclude that sexy between legs pillow using a special silk fabric
has the strongest sensual effect.

Love admire sex play
+If you have a sexual admirer, please dominate him to kiss your erogenous zones and
acupuncture meridians and points passionately, please dominate him to continue rich
anti-aging sexy play over 1 hour, every days.
In this case, you can dominate him to train high quality, long time sexy play techniques.
Everyday play is required. If possible, over 3 times per day playing is ideal.

When the sexual stimulation information from erogenous zones plus the mental sexual
excitement information would increase violently in prefrontal frontal brain of front lobe
of the cerebrum,your body is filled physiologically active substances over 4-12(2-6×2)
hours every days.

Love-whipping sex play
Love-whippings by SM sex play can produce effectively anti-aging physiologically
ctive substances including important β-endorphin

Acupuncrist Hitomi Shimada
JV Creation Co.,Ltd in Hanoi

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